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I just want everyone to see how unrealistic some expectations are.

Dude I don’t even shower everyday

Actually showering everyday is bad for you as you lose natural oils and your skin and hair dry up and become weak.

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ROMWE Hollow-out Lace Crochet Black Blouse


i’m everyone in this gif



cashier: that’ll be $4.20

me: bruh

cashier: bruh

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my parents spend 3 hours a day lecturing me about how i disappoint them in my recent life choices of not going to a 4 year college, not being a nurse, not joining the military, not getting an ROTC scholarship &  just wanting to become a paramedic, getting a local job to pay for car insurance so they don’t have to.

they’re disappointed in me 

for following my dream

for trying to be independent

for trying to get a job

Aw I’m sorry Asher, That must feel so shitty.  I can’t even imagine, but screw what they think of you, just be happy and do what makes you happy, thats whats most important!! Plus I am so freaking proud of you!!! You have absolutely NO idea how proud of you I am.  Plus I still think you should totally move to hawaii xD You can room with me if you want c:

aw thank you so much ty. this meant a lot to me. I’d move to hawaii if i could afford it, lol thats for sure. 


Being As An Ocean - L’exquisite Douleur [x]
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